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Science Versus Evolution:

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Fun site for Self-Learning and  Homeschooling

Wonderful Creationist Videos on YouTube! These are a must-watch for anyone who wants to know fossil-man truth! See Buried Alive! the truth about Neanderthals.

Darwinism Refuted

REASONABLE DOUBT -- Evolution Versus Modern Microbiology
A Multimedia DVD Presentation by Richard M. Coombs
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PRISM multimedia
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203-338-0192  Insects: Incredible & Inspirational!

Center for Scientific Creation Wonderful online book!

Spanish Creation-Science site:

50 Nobel Laureates. .who Believe in God

Evolution is Dead

Was Darwin Right?  Some interesting items!

 The Best In Christian, Young Earth Creation, and Pro Life Videos

Answers in Genesis

Creation Illustrated Magazine

Institute for Creation Research

Creation Evidences Museum

David Plaisted's Creation Page

Revolution Against Evolution

Creation Resource Foundation

Mt. Blanco Fossil Company and Museum

Omniological Society

Evidence of Human/Dinosaur Coexistence - Dr. Don Patton's man tracks web site

This link has an offer on Creation/evolution DVDs at a very low cost.

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